Our Team

Our people are our biggest assets. Together, we help you achieve your organization’s training goals.

Board of Governors

Prof. Mark Esposito

Professor of Business and Economics at Harvard University

Dr. Yasser Al-Saleh

Chief Content Officer at KLD

Prof. Sami Mahroum

Executive Director for Innovation and Policy Initiatives at INSEAD

Prof. Franco Quillico

Professor of Strategy and Finance at Polytechnic University of Milan

Prof. Sonia Ben Zina

Professor of Management Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi

Key team members

Dr. Yasser Al-Saleh

Managing Director

Waleed Al-Masri

Solution Development Director 

Darren Probst

Darren Probst

Technology Director

Mustafa Abdu

Operation Director 

Noran Al-Ahmadi

Legal Manager 

Maram Al-Wahebi

Business Development Manager

Reem Al-Qahtani

Client Success Manager

Leona Evans

Project Management Manager

Abdallah Al-Zahrani

Government Relations Manager

Ahmad Shokair

Digital Marketing Manager

Ahmed Moussa

E-Learning Manager

Lama Suliman

Production Manager

Kelsey O'Shea

Executive Manager

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